I write non-fictions books about science and geology for a general audience – and other academics.

This Fall (2020) I have two new books out; a popular science book about the two billion year long geological history of the Oslo region, and a textbook in geography (for videregående skole / high school) written together with three geographers.

Svensen_Under asfalten_omslag_HOY

Under asfalten has received great reviews and appeared on the national best seller list for non-fiction in August, a couple of weeks after the release. For more information about Under asfalten, see here.


For more information about Kompass, see here.

Other popular science books:

Svensen H.H. (2018) Stein på stein. På sporet av den største masseutryddelsen i jordens historie. Aschehoug, 240 sider. ISBN: 978-82-03-29446-4. Translated title: A planet in crisis. Travelling through climatic changes and mass extinctions of the past.

Svensen H. (2011) Bergtatt. Fjellenes historie og fascinasjonen for det opphøyde. Aschehoug, 295 sider. ISBN: 978-82-03-29195-1. Paperback in 2012.

Svensen, H. (2006) Enden er nær. Om naturkatastrofer og samfunn. Aschehoug, 280 sider, ISBN: 8203232426.

Translations: Svensen, H. (2012) Na vrcholoch. Premedia, Bratislava, Slovakia. – Svensen, H. (2013) Published in Italy by Odoya, Bologna. – Svensen, H. (2009) The End is Nigh. Reaktion Books, UK. Paperback in 2012. – Svensen, H. (2010) Storia dei disastri naturali. Odoya, Bologna, Italia. – Svensen, H. (2010) Krayat e blizo. Perseus Books, Bulgaria. – Svensen, H. (2013) Published in Ukraine by Calvaria Publishing House.

Visit my agent, Oslo Literary Agency, too see more about my books and their translations.

Articles and essays in antologies

Svensen, H.H. (2019) Å skrive for livet: populærvitenskap, forskermemoarer og IMRAD. I Kreativ akademisk skriving, s. 157-178. Jørgensen og Askeland (red.). Universitetsforlaget.

Popular science antologies (as editor, editorial board, writer)

Svensen, Henrik (red.) (2014) Isfritt. Populærvitenskap som angår deg. Spartacus. ISBN 9788243008342. 161 s.

Kristiansen, J.R., Byhring, H.S., Evans, A.K.D., Moen, M., Samset, B.H., Svensen, H.H. (red.) (2015) Stjerneklart. Siste nytt fra verdensrommet. Spartacus. ISBN 978-82-430-0973-8.

Scientific antologies

Svensen, H.H., Planke, S., Neumann, E.R., Aarnes, I., Marsh, J.S., Polteau, S., Harstad, C., and Chevallier, L. (2018) Sub-volcanic intrusions and the link to global climatic and environmental changes. In: Breitkreuz C., Rocchi S. (eds) Physical Geology of Shallow Magmatic Systems. Advances in Volcanology. Springer. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-14084-1_10.

Svensen, H., Polteau, S., Cawthorn, G., and Planke, S. (2018) Sub-volcanic intrusions in the Karoo Basin, South Africa.In: Breitkreuz C., Rocchi S. (eds) Physical Geology of Shallow Magmatic Systems. Advances in Volcanology. Springer. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-14084-1_7.

Svensen, H.H., Torsvik, T.H., Callegaro, S., Augland, L., Heimdal, T.H., Jerram, D., Planke, S., and Pereira, E. (2017) Gondwana LIPs: Plate reconstructions, volcanic basins and sill volumes. In: Large Igneous Provinces from Gondwana and Adjacent Regions, Special Publication, Geological Society, London.

Svensen, H., Fristad, K.E., Polozov, A.G., and Planke, S. (2015) Volatile generation and release from continental large igneous provinces. In Volcanism and Global Environmental Change, p. 177-192, edited by Schmidt, Fristad and Elkins-Tanton. Cambridge University Press.

Jamveit, B., Svensen, H., Podladchikov, J.J., and Planke, S. (2004) Hydrothermal vent complexes associated with sill intrusions in sedimentary basins. Geol. Soc. London, Spec. Publ. 234, 233-241.

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