I make prints in addition to studying rocks and doing teaching and outreach. My father (Jan Svensen) was a painter and printmaker and I inherited his press and equipment in 2019.

The techniques I use include woodcut, linocut, photopolymer etching, and drypoint/etching. Here you can see some of my projects and prints, and find information about exhibitions. I also use my photography in my outreach, for instance in my last books (Et land av stein, 2022), focusing on how I as a geologist view rocks and the changes taking place at the surface of the Earth.

I collaborate with artists interested in geoscience. The projects vary from long-lasting interactions, to meetings, discussions, guided tours, book projects, and writing essays related to the interface between geology and art. See below (“Collaboration”) for examples.

See also my Instagram account for updates: https://www.instagram.com/henriksvensen/