I collaborate with artists interested in geoscience. The projects vary from long-lasting interactions, to meetings, discussions, and essays related to the interface between geology and art. In addition, I use my own photos in my outreach, for instance in my last books (Et land av stein, 2022; Under asfalten, 2020), focusing on how I as a geologist view rocks and the surface of the Earth.

In addition to collaboration projects with artists, I make my own prints. You can see some of them here or use the link below. The techniques I use include woodcut, linocut, photopolymer etching, drypoint/etching, and silk screen. I have participated in exhibitions and have more events coming up towards the end of 2022:

Art exhibitions:

Upcoming (2022):

25-27 Nov.: “En verden under føttene” – at NOVA HUTHA – Holmen fellesverksted, Fredrikstad. Solo exhibition of prints and photos, starting with a conversation with artist Laila Kongevold about my prints and new book “Et land av stein. Bergartene som har formet Norge.” (25th Nov.). Open Sat&Sun, 12-17. Program responsible: Anja Bjørshol.

28 Nov – 8 Jan 2023: NOVEMBERUTSTILLINGEN 2022 in Drammen Museum. This is a juryed exhibition arranged by Buskerud bildende kunstnere.

December: Group exhibition: JULEUTSTILLINGEN 2022 – Fredrikstad kunstforenings medlemsutstilling (Fredrikstad Art Society), opening: 3rd December.


Group exhibitions:
JULEUTSTILLINGEN 2021 – Fredrikstad kunstforenings medlemsutstilling (Fredrikstad Art Society), 20 Nov. – 5 Dec. 2021. I participated with three prints (Dickonsonia-serien, Likevekt, Åpen himmel).

Collaboration projects:
NOVA HUTHA – Holmen fellesverksted, Fredrikstad
Opening exhibitions with 23 artists. Arranged by Sirius*/Fredrikstad kunstnerunion, opened 19th August. I participated with a print made in collaboration with Laila Kongevold.

RISS! – Østfold kunstsenter, Fredrikstad, 16-24 October 2021 (group exhibition). I participated with two prints made in collaboration with Laila Kongevold (Teorier om Theia, Spor av himmel og hav). Project leaders: Hege Liseth og Arne Revheim.

In collections:
«OVER NATTEN”/ Installation by Laila Kongevold, KINOKINO Kunstsal in Sandnes 2022. Prints made in collaboration with Laila Kongevold.


I started making prints in 2019 using a variety of techniques. Here is a selection.

Photo: Geir Dokken.
Verdens navle, public artwork made by Stefan Christiansen and Laila Kongevold on the island of Gossen, Norway. (Photo: Geir Dokken©2019)
The centre of the Earth (Verdens navle)

Im part of the editorial board for an art book about the public artwork called Verdens navle. It was made by Stefan Christiansen and Laila Kongevold on the island of Gossen, Norway. The book will contain fictional texts and non-fiction essays that investigate the various parts of the artwork and their relationships to the biosphere and the geosphere. The texts will be written by well-known writers and the book will be published in early 2023.

Photo: Henrik Svensen
Staring at rocks

This is one example of a picture from my book Under asfalten (2020). It was taken on an island in the Oslo Fjord (Nakholmen) and shows the complex interface between shale and a volcanic dyke (left part of picture). See my Instagram account for more pictures.

Art, rocks, and a tour in Oslo

I have been involved in an art-science walk in the city centre of Oslo together with artists Trude Bekk and Tom Teulon. The walk took place the 24th Sept. 2022 and was part of their “Sublime Synaesthesia 1.1” exhibition at ROM – Rom for kunst og arkitektur. Bekk and Teulon made virtual rock/geology that could be accessed from QR codes.

Photo: Espen Grønberg
How to dance a continent-continent collision?

Great experience working with dancers Aurora Itland and Carl Andre Johanson, and artist Hanne Åmli. Ambitious aim: To combine science and art – to make something new and imagine and show how mountains form. The resulting dance performance will hopefully be part of a documentary about the Oppdagelsen av Jotunfjeldene project (The discovery of the Jotunheimen mountains). Photo: Espen Grønberg.

Letter to artist Monica Flakk

Artist Monica Flakk sent me a letter and a sculpture in 2014. She wondered how I as a geologist would interpret her gypsum cast of a rock. My reply letter was used in her exam exhibiton at the art academy in Oslo (KHIO), in June 2014. You will find my reply when using the link above. The image is from Monica Flakk’s Instagram account.

Detail from a sculpture by Hagbart Solløs. Photo: Henrik Svensen.
Interview with the norwegian artist hagbart solløs

This is an interview I did together with Henrik Treimo 21 years ago. It was originally published on viten.com; an internet magazine for popular science we started and edited. Many of Solløs’ sculptures are made from Larvikite, the 297 million year old igneous rock from the Oslo Rift.

Essay contribution to Eske Kath’s art book “My Vertical Zero” (2005)

conversations about The mountain Body

The Mountain Body project is led by Helle Siljeholm and included a performance climbing in August 2021 in the cliffs of the Kolsås mountain near Oslo. I participated in a discussion after the show together with Katrine Eldegard. The discussion was organized by Black Box theatre in Oslo. Link to the project here. The project was rewieved in scenekunst.no.

Mud and ceramics

In September 2021, I was invited to take part in a fieldtrip for the ceramics bachelor students at KHIO (Oslo national academy of the arts). The aim was to sample muds that later that week would be used to make art. I gave the students input about the geological and geographical context of mud and the the Oslo area – and gave an open lecture at KHIO the 28th September.

Talking about art and the Earth

Conversation centred around the Earth and the exhibition of Laila Kongevold that was shown at Østfold kunstsenter in Fredrikstad, Fall 2020. The exhibition was called Himmel og hav. The conversation between Laila Kongevold, Anja Bjørshol, and I was recorded and is available on Youtube (link here). In addition, I wrote a text that was on display in the exhibition, about marble from the Visnes deposit in Norway. Powder from the marble was used in making parts of the exhibition. The text can be read here.

Rhomb porhyry sculpture

During the official opening of Oslo Science City, prime minister Erna Solberg handed over a sculpture. The sculpture is of a block of rhomb porphyry, the famous and rare volcanic rock (lava) mostly found in the Oslo area, and was made by me. Solberg said that “Som et symbol på at Norges første innovasjonsdistrikt nå er åpnet, har jeg fått vite at denne steinen som pryder scenen – en rombeporfyr – etter hvert vil få en liten innskravert plate til minne om denne dagen. Rombeporfyr er jo en sjelden sten i verdenssammenheng, men vanlig i Oslo-området. Den har eksistert gjennom 300 millioner år med store omveltninger og er klar til å fortsette sin ferd inn i fremtiden. En fremtid ingen av oss helt vet hvordan blir.” Source of quote: regjeringen.no.

Metamorph – mountains/art/geology

I have collaborated with artist Hanne Åmli for several years, resulting in texts that link her paintings to descriptions of geological processes and mountain formation. The exhibition was first shown at the University museum in Bergen (spring 2020), then at the Norwegian mountain centre in Lom. The exhibition will be shown at the Norwegian museum for mining, Kongsberg, in 2021. The project was covered by an interview with Hanne and I in Plnty (2020). Name of the project: Oppdagelsen av Jotunfjeldene – en reise inn i geologiens metamorfe verden.

Essay for the 2014 catalogue of Udden skulptur, sweden

In 2014 I was invited to write an essay about rocks for the biggest sculpture exhibition in Sweden; Udden skulpur. My text was published in their catalogue and is available at their website as a pdf.

Text from by book “Bergtatt” was used in Fischli & Weiss’ artbook published in Norway in 2012