The mine may have been started as early as in the 1100s. Well documented activity since the early 1500s (dating of wood logs and written sources). The mine is at least 28 meters deep. German geologists were involved in prospecting and extraction, as in many other places in Norway at that time.

The deposit is within a dolerite dyke that is present along the escarpment. Lead, zinc, copper, and silver. The silver is present as trace element in galena (PbS)

The ultimate source of silver? Not known, but potentially mobilized from Cambrian shale (as in another mineralized area in Slemmestad – and perhaps Kongsberg).

Construction of “buildings” on top of the mine entrances. Picture from 2019.
Picture from 2019.
Laser-based terrain model showing Aker kirke and the escarpment where the mine is located.
Cross section of the silver mine – from Bjørn Ivar Berg (red) Bergverk i Norge. Fagbokforlaget.
Exploring the mine in 2002. Same source as above.